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The sharing economy has exploded in all walks of life, and everyone is eager to take a share here, except for the aluminum door and window industry, which is calm

the aluminum door and window industry, as a traditional manufacturing industry, has lagged behind in many current situations. Now the sharing economy has exploded in all walks of life, and everyone is scrambling to take a share here. However, the aluminum door and window industry is calm

the fatigue of the aluminum door and window market has almost become the consensus of the industry. The continuous rise of labor, raw materials and freight has brought many troubles to many enterprises. Once the end customers are unwilling to pay for the rising costs, aluminum door and window enterprises will have to digest them by themselves. Coupled with the rectification of environmental protection policies, domestic and foreign troubles weigh on small and medium-sized enterprises. But when you are still bothered by these, others have been playing in other outlets, such as the booming sharing economy

sharing economy is becoming a new outlet of Internet +. Since didi tasted the benefits of sharing, all industries are also ready to move. After Didi, mobike bike sharing once again caused a sharing frenzy, allowing many capitalists to see the huge prospect of sharing. Then shared cars, shared mobile power, shared basketball, shared umbrellas and so on mushroomed everywhere

for the aluminum door and window industry, the layout of whole house customization is certainly a general trend, so how to further promote the all-round prosperity and development of whole house customization is still a great problem at present. Since this year, many aluminum door and window enterprises have adopted the forms of VR and 3D to enhance customers' sense of experience, but this is far from enough. In order to achieve new breakthroughs and development, new blood still needs to be introduced

then we can also think about it instead. Each of us wants to visit other people's houses for comparison, or refer to other people's decoration when decorating. If there is one that suits our hearts, we can know what we want, and we don't have to look at the pictures on the Internet. Just because privacy is often denied. Then sharing can solve the pain point of users, which can not only visit and enjoy the real experience brought by various styles, but also choose their own quality life according to their own preferences. This is also an important reason why the sharing economy is frequently chased by capital, which truly solves the pain points in users' hearts. Only when you are within the reach of users can you attract hundreds of birds

in fact, the concept of sharing has long existed. In traditional society, borrowing books or sharing a piece of information between friends, including borrowing things from neighbors, is a form of sharing. However, this sharing is subject to two elements: space and relationship. On the one hand, the sharing of information or physical objects is subject to the limitations of space, which can only be limited to the space that individuals can reach; On the other hand, sharing can only be achieved with the trust of both parties. The five elements of the sharing economy are: idle resources, right of use, connection, information and liquidity

use their own idle resources or cooperate with other peers to build a shared home environment. Select seed users in the early stage and share them through invitation or appointment. In this way, we can not only ensure sharing, but also ensure the integrity of the shared home to a large extent

sharing economy can not only provide convenient experience and reference for consumers, but also achieve optimal matching and zero marginal cost. Isn't this the breakthrough point that the aluminum door and window industry is urgently looking for

in order to develop the aluminum door and window industry, formal innovation is often a magic weapon for the aluminum door and window industry. Only those who dare to try and make breakthroughs can walk out of the mystery and see the moon through the clouds

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