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What are the log furniture manufacturers? Log furniture manufacturers 400-0088-509

What are the log furniture manufacturers? Log furniture manufacturer 400-0088-509

which is a good log furniture manufacturer? There are many manufacturers of solid wood furniture in China, but few manufacturers of real log furniture, including the old carpenter. So what are the log furniture manufacturers? The old carpenter will introduce it below

for more than 300 years, the old carpenters passed down from generation to generation have followed the trend of the times and maintained their excellent quality, excellent creativity and exquisite craftsmanship to become the symbol of Chinese home art. Products include log floors, log stairs, log doors, log cabinets, log ceilings, log wall panels and personalized whole house customization services

the company has five functional operation centers of marketing, production, administration, finance and engineering design, with hundreds of employees and a strong product research and development team. Through its investment in the "old carpenter" sales and design system software independently developed, the "old carpenter" brand series of products are designed and produced, which perfectly combines European fashion elements with the company's brand concept, with novel and unique styles, With nearly perfect production technology and excellent quality, it has won the trust and support of our customers

professional and senior R & D and design team, first-class traditional technology, excellent and wise management team; Old carpenters always lead the trend of the industry, adhere to originality, innovation and reform, and pursue excellence. In addition to the excellent quality of non deformation and non cracking, each piece contains profound cultural heritage and unique artistic charm. The huge timber warehouse has nearly 100 kinds of timber varieties for customers to choose; Excellent design, careful material selection, exquisite craftsmanship, exquisite modeling and sincere service convey the old carpenter's entrepreneurial spirit of "making handed down works with the good craftsmanship of our ancestors"

what are the log furniture manufacturers? In addition to the old carpenters, log furniture manufacturers also include small carpenters, Gome, Hongbang wood industry, etc., but there are very few manufacturers who really customize log furniture. Old carpenters log furniture manufacturers rely on the design quality to compete in the whole wood home decoration market. I hope it can provide you with reference and help you choose the right log furniture products

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